Mon, 12/05/2022 - 9:52am

Greenies Celebrate Christmas Season with 89th Annual Candlelight Service

George Robbins '24 was the Crucifer for Sunday night's 89th annual Candlelight Service.

Keeping with tradition, nine lessons were read aloud Sunday night with musical interludes in between.

Almost everything else about the 89th Candlelight Service made the annual celebration of Christmas richer and more moving an experience as it has ever been for the Christ School community.

Head of School Dr. Sean Jenkins was the evening’s final reader before the glow from more than 300 candles lit up an otherwise darkened St. Joseph’s Chapel. Carols and hymns were sung by two choirs – one made up of students and another of faculty. There was accompaniment from 10 instrumentalists, a group sprinkled with students and parents.

Father Charles Boynton introduced the Candlelight Service to Christ School in 1933. He adapted it from the “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols,” a Christmas Eve event that has taken place at King’s College in Cambridge since 1918.

No war or world crisis, nor any unexpected blast of winter weather has ever cancelled the Candlelight Service.

Even when the boys were attending Chapel virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Candlelight Service was recorded in a mostly-empty St. Joseph’s Chapel.

More photos from Sunday's service can be viewed at this link. 


Officant: Rev. John Roberts

Assistant Chaplain: Peter Hartwig

Music Director: James Cassarino

Organist & Accompanist: Vance Reese

In the Procession

Crucifer: George Robbins ‘24

Torch Bearer: Noah Hunt ‘24

Torch Bearer: Davis Mohorn ‘24

Verger: Sebastian Knight ‘23

Sacristan: Henry Lytle


John Barton ‘25

Mark Yee ‘24

Noah Graham ‘23

James Lilly ‘24

Noah Henthorn ‘24

Elliott Stay ‘27

Zack Myers ‘23

Harrison Bieschke ‘26

Dr. Sean Jenkins



Christ School Choir

Elijah Abundis ‘24

Christian Hudson ‘23

Kennedy Achugamonu ‘23

Charlie Hughes ‘25

Chris Arch ‘25

John Jaber ‘25

Harrison Bieschke ‘26

Avery Kessler ‘23

Colin Breiter ‘25

Vovi Lagutin ‘23

Tyler Brouse ‘25

Wyatt Love ‘24

Kaden Brown ‘24

Myles Murphy ‘26

Norwood Bryan ‘26

Zack Myers ‘23

Truett Compton ‘25

Ethan Park ‘23

Jordan Edgecomb ‘25

Johno Pierce ‘23

Rhodes Feild ‘23

Brody Raleigh ‘23

Noah Fleming ‘24

Anthony Robinson ‘23

Noah Graham ‘23

Kahzi Sealey ‘23

T.J. Hamilton ‘24

Brendan Selmensberger ‘25

Max Hartwig ‘23

Brian Sheridan ‘23

Noah Henthorn ‘24

Jack Shimer ‘23

Kenny Hesselson ‘23

Riley Shuler ‘25

Mason Heth ‘24

Ladson Walker ‘26

Tim Wu ‘26



Faculty Choir

Kathy Belk

Amy Jonason

Nancy Bieschke

Steven Kramer

Jameel Brenneman

Karina Lorenc

Elise Cassarino

Coco Parham P’13

Matt Cole

Emily Pulsifer P’15, P’17

Mary Dillon

Julia Loretta Romero

Cissy Elmer P’09, P’13

Rachel Hall Stay P’27

James Garland ‘10

Steve Stay P’27

Brent Harris

Ying Tang

Lisbeth Harrison

Ken Tyburski

Peter Hartwig

Donna Wheeler P’21



Teresa Curran, violin

Vovi Lagutin ’23, violin

Zachary Risinger ’25, viola

Lori Hammell P’20, P’23, violin

Chandler Piao ’24, violin

Joseph Chen ’27, cello

Mark Yee ’24, violin

Beth Kramer, viola

Ethan Park ’23, cello

Jim Lestock, cello